My dear Jennifer, if you're so fed up with having your body judged, stop trying to make it look so Photoshop-perfect on magazine covers.


I like Jennifer Aniston. I once appeared with her on Oprah and it turned out to be her birthday. So afterwards, I sent her a mortar and pestle as a gift to help prepare her favourite guacamole. At an Oscars party a few weeks later, Jennifer came over to thank me. She was gracious, charming, warm and funny. In fact, an utter delight in every way and everything any Friends fan would hope Jennifer Aniston might be in real life.

She’s also, of course, a talented actress and a beautiful woman; Little wonder then that Ms Aniston gets more attention than almost any other female celebrity in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston is a lovely person, a beautiful woman and a talented actress who causes a frenzy wherever she goes - but this week she hit out at speculation about her womb inferred from photos that run of her that are not digitally altered


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