Chris Brown has zero time for all of this drama.

After Kim Kardashian revealed clips of Kanye West and Taylor Swift discussing lyrics for his track "Famous" on Snapchat and Swift slammed back with a lengthy statement on Instagram, celebrity bystanders began to digitally weigh in on the drama that had unfolded late Sunday night. The Grammy winner was among the famous names to offer an opinion on the controversy, though Brown's was arguably the most no-holds barred. 

"WHO GIVES A F--K," Chris allegedly wrote in what appears to be comments from his official Instagram account regarding the social media feud. The comments were captured by Instagram account Baller Alert among other social media users. "CELEBRITIES, FREEDOM OF SPEECH???, come back to f---ing planet earth. EVERYONE REALLY BE ACTING LIKE LITTLE ASS KIDS (EVEN ME AT TIMES)."

The comments seemingly did not end there. "Oh NO…" he allegedly continued. "Someone said something I don't like, OUCH, MY P---Y HURT. Make music and shut the f--k up."

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