Well forgotten past has returned to the screens. We are talking about the movie “Fight club”, the continuation of which requires Hollywood actor Brad pitt.

According to the publication, citing reliable sources, the husband of Angelina Jolie asks Edward Norton, with whom they appeared on the screen of the first film, to revive old and play in its continuation.

Fans of the strip would be very surprised if the picture came on the screens, however, insiders claim that it will not be easy – despite the friendly relations, Delirium has not yet managed to convince Edward to participate in the project.
“Ed likes his quiet, measured life, and he does not want to return to the big screen, so pitt will have to put a lot of effort to convince him otherwise” — said the insider.

But if it succeeds, the best time to return stories do not come up – last year Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the story “Fight club”, which formed the basis of the film of the same name, published a comic telling of the story, the events in it take place ten years after the previous. Now all the hope that Delirious will be able to convince an old friend that the game is worth the candle.

“Ed was a homebody, he does yoga and leading a quiet life away from the hustle and popularity, but Delusion has appointed him a meeting with David Fincher, the Director of the first tape so that everything can be” — mysteriously said the source.

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