It has just emerged that Ariana Grande was vetoed from performing at the White House after she was caught on camera licking doughnuts and saying 'I hate America.'

But it was a case of new hair, don't care for the pop singer on Sunday, who tweeted a picture of her new bangs as the controversy over her past behaviour once again flared up. The 23-year-old, who was also remembering her grandfather on the anniversary of his death, shared images of her new haircut on Instagram. 'Thank you babes for remembering this day and for all of your love! my grandpas' presence has never felt stronger. he's guiding me every day!!' she wrote on Twitter.

And she added in a stream of messages to fans: 'life is wild. And change is f***ing fantastic 'Why do y'all always gotta be right about everything. I love you. ty for loving me and caring and having my best interest at heart. I love u.' Her tweets came after leaked the Democratic National Committee emails revealed a 2015 email exchange concerning whether to allow Grande to perform at a DNC event.

The exchange, published by Wikileaks, came in the wake of an infamous video that showed the 23-year-old licking other customers' doughnuts from the counter at a bakery in California while standing next her back-up dancer boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. According to the emails, DNC officials also worried about the singer's comment in the same video in which she said 'I hate America.' Back in July last year, the video surfaced showing Grande appearing to lick a doughnut and saying, 'What... is that? I hate Americans. I hate America' when a tray of doughnuts appeared in front her.

Grande later apologized for her actions and the comment, and said she was 'extremely' proud to be an American.

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