Despite epically – and legally – mowing Taylor Swift down last week, people still don’t like Kim Kardashian even if they heard about how awesome that shit was.

Because at the end of the day she’s still Kim Kardashian, wife of Ego Egostan, Mayor of Egotown. Buzzfeed reports:

BuzzFeed News asked Morning Consult, a media and technology company that often conducts political polls, to find out what the broad spectrum of Americans thought about Kim versus Taylor.
75% of the people polled had heard of the whole feud at least somewhat – this was a big deal! Even old people knew about it! This was huge news!
And in general, people like Taylor Swift waaaaay more than they like the Kardashian Wests. 55% of people felt favorably about Taylor, but Kayne only had a 15% favorable rating and Kim only 16%.

Just so we’re all clear: The Kardashians knocked Taylor Swift down a peg, but gained absolutely nothing from it outside of knocking Taylor Swift down a peg? Outstanding. This couldn’t have gone better, and not because Kris Jenner’s hitting Khloe on the nose with a newspaper right now while yelling, “No, NO. Bad Chewie,” then rubbing her nose in a puddle of butthole tweets. That’s Tuesday at their house.

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