Christina Aguilera has recorded an online tutorial for the new MasterClass website and the trailer for her class is now available!

The class, titled “Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass” will help students expand their vocal range, and is offered through MasterClass, an online education company that makes classes available from the world’s best.
“I met the people involved and I really felt confident that this is such a positive and great thing to do to allow people to have access to,” Christina told about her decision to make a MasterClass. “It’s a class or courses being taught by the greats in what they do, in the fields they’ve been successful in. I want to take Kevin’s [Spacey] course, for sure. He has a such an interesting and layered craft. See, you’re getting courses with best of the best in the comfort of wherever you want to learn from — in your own space and on your own time. Allowing yourself the time to explore your passion is amazing. And at a great price. My experience with The Voice has also helped lead me to this place.”

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