Miley Cyrus in terms of provocation adopted the experience of his older colleagues Madonna.

But managed to beat a senior mentor and to capture the imagination of the audience eccentric antics on stage, simulated sex acts and other things.

Fans in one holo assert that the difficult period in the life of Miley has been associated primarily with breakup with Liam Hemsworth. Now, when the couple got up, Cyrus rarely allows himself something shocking.

The singer had not revealed in public. The other day it seemed fans in a bikini and in a very unusual setting – in the stable.

In this form, Cyrus decided to feed their Pets, in particular, pig piggy.

“Feeding time Piglet is the best time! The only one who likes vegetables as well as I do is miss piggy. Yes, it is vegan”. For a short time, the post gathered more than 600 thousand likes.

By the way, now Miley is enjoying rest and gain new strength, soon to return with a new single, which will be part of her sixth Studio album.

Details of their future creations Cyrus says, we only know that it will be written in an unusual style, “which all will enjoy.”

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