Hold on to your strawberry Frappuccino: A new Britney Spears album is on the way.

The singer announced the news on social media, revealing that Glory, her ninth studio album, will be released on August 26 via Apple Music. She also dubbed the release the “beginning of a new era,” which is delightfully ominous. The cover art is a close-up image of the star’s face, which is quite classic Spears.

Fans who pre-order the album will instantly get her single “Private Show,” which is also the name of her new perfume. You really should go ahead and buy that as well, so you can smell like Britney Spears while listening to Britney Spears, as the pop gods intended.

Glory is Spears’s first album since 2013’s Britney Jean. The singer recently released the single “Make Me,” featuring G-Eazy, and is currently in the midst of Piece of Me, her Las Vegas residency. Spears also previously teased “Private Show” in an ad for the eponymous perfume.

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