On the 19th anniversary star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kylie Jenner has received from her beloved rapper Taiga gorgeous gift.

Despite the financial problems of the contractor, about which I wrote recently, many media, he was able to carve out 200 thousand dollars in a brand new Mercedes Maybach, to please his beloved.26-year-old rapper, as expected, presented his gift with a big bow, but even without it, his girlfriend would be delighted.
“Happy birthday to me! Love you, T.” wrote Kylie on his page under the picture of his new car.
Recall that a few months ago, Jenner and Taiga broke up to very much joy numerous relatives of the girl but the breakup was short-lived, and a few weeks later they came out again into the light together. Insiders claim that the rapper knows many dirty secrets” of the famous family, and the alleged blackmailing Kylie this information, promising to make it public as soon as it “seriously and permanently” leave him. Anyway, the pair are back together, and it’s true or false, time will tell.

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