Renee Zellweger not be called a classic Hollywood beauty. 47-year-old star proportions approximate to the proportions of Barbie, besides the face of the actress is not “decorate” large eyes, small nose and plump lips.

However, Renee has always been attracted to his tenderness, charm and kindness.

Some time ago Zellweger disappeared from the media. As later explained this is Renee, she did it deliberately, as tired as most of the party, and from it in her presence. “I was annoyed by his own voice,” said the actress.

To return to the world of entertainment Renee made a sequel to a beloved Comedy melodrama “the Diary of Bridget Jones” which is called “Child of Bridget Jones”.

Unfortunately for Zellweger, as she stepped out of the shadows, secular commentators began to discuss not her new project and her new appearance.

The patience Zellweger was exhausted and she wrote an entire essay on their appearance and interference in her plastic surgeons.

“The tabloids profit from the scandal, they use false arguments, which subsequently spoil people’s lives. It’s a stupid game ― I don’t see the point and will not comment on it,” writes Renee. “Write this to be fair to myself, to tell the truth about my life and what I care about how the tabloids are quietly moving from speculation to truth. Not so important tabloid story about my plastics, but it is the catalyst for news stories about pressure on the age and appearance of women,” says the actress. “It’s no secret that woman have historically valued only by external parameters. Over time, recognized the importance of women’s participation in determining the success of companies, and now it seems really obvious. However, these base articles every day speak negatively about women. Too skinny, too fat, indicate the age, she was better with dark color hair, she has cellulite, has made a facelift, balding, fat belly, or pregnant…” says Zellweger.

Recall criticizing journalists recently gave Jennifer aniston that are tired of constantly appearing in media reports about her pregnancy.

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