Lady Gaga has certainly been busy.

The 30-year-old pop star is making good on her promise to release new music this year, announcing on Wednesday that her next single, "Perfect Illusion," will be released in September. 

>Without adding any captions, Gaga shared the news in a colorful collage on Instagram. Pictured all together, the image reads: "Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion New Single September Perfect Illusion." 

The news comes just one day after Gaga was announced as the lead actress in Bradley Cooper's upcoming A Star Is Born remake. The American Sniper actor will direct the film and co-star with Gaga, while she'll write music for the project. 

For now, Gaga is hard at work on production of American Horror Story's sixth season. Earlier this year, Gaga scored a Golden Globe Award for her AHS debut as The Countess in season five.

Moments after winning her Golden Globe in January, Gaga opened up about new music backstage.

"With my music and my position in the world," she said, "I only hope to give back as much to my fans and to the universe as they have given to me through my work and through my life." 

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