Inspectors suspected the Foundation for the Oscar-winning in a Scam worth more than $ 3 billion.

Charitable Foundation Leonardo DiCaprio”s Foundation is suspected of money laundering and links with dubious Malaysian Fund. Last month at a gala dinner with celebrities in Saint-Tropez, Leonardo DiCaprio managed to raise more than $ 45 million.

While the distinguished guests enjoyed the sea bass and watch a film about the dangers of excessive fishing, the U.S. Department of justice filed a lawsuit in U.S. district court in Los Angeles. Inspectors suspected the Foundation for the Oscar-winning in a Scam worth more than $ 3 billion allegedly siphoned from the national wealth Fund of Malaysia. Now, the state authorities want to check how much money is Leonardo DiCaprio”s Foundation spends on charitable projects and other purposes.

Experts note a peculiar structure of the Fund Hollywood actor. The Fund was established as a nonprofit organization, so he is not obliged to provide information about their income, expenses and payments. Wealthy people can make donations on condition of anonymity.

It is known that tickets for the event in Saint-Tropez cost from 10 thousand Euro. Leonardo DiCaprio was welcomed by five hundred guests, among whom were the oligarchs and the superstars. Many have noticed the absence of a gala evening, a longtime friend of Leonardo and permanent sponsor of the Fund – Malaysian businessman Joe Lowe.

Authorities suspect him of embezzling public funds and money laundering. In this regard, a shadow fell on Leonardo and DiCaprio”s Foundation. Fund Leonardo DiCaprio was founded in 1998 and is engaged in the development of innovative projects in the field of environmental protection.

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