British actor Daniel Radcliffe said that he apologized to colleagues for racist insults he has had to say on behalf of your hero-skinhead. On Wednesday, August 17, reports The Telegraph.

"After I had to say such phrases, I approached and apologized: "I know that you know that it's not real, but still I feel like I have to apologize," — said Radcliffe.

In the film "Absolute power", which leaves in the Russian hire on September 29, the actor played secret agent penetrate into the group of neo-Nazis. Radcliffe spoke about this role as a serious test. "We had to remove all of these gatherings of right-wing extremists wearing t-shirts with the inscription "White power" and all that. It was weird and terrible," said the actor.

Radcliffe also shared his impressions of the scene in which he shaves his head bald. "It was nice to know that my head is a strange shape, and no stains," — said the actor.

Daniel Radcliffe began acting in film adaptations of books by JK Rowling about the young wizard Harry Potter in 2000 at 11 years of age. Work on the franchise has taken more than 10 years. Among the latest films with the actor — "the Illusion of deception-2" and "Man Swiss army knife".

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