Lily James has had a busy few years. As an actress, she’s played bad girl Lady Rose Aldridge in Downton Abbey, Disney’s Cinderella, and starred in London’s Garrick Theater production of Romeo & Juliet.

Now she’s adding one more role to an already very packed resume—and joining the likes of fellow Brits Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—face of the new My Burberry Black fragrance.

While you might expect an actress known for period pieces to represent a scent that smells like tea and crumpets, the perfume, which was inspired by London at dusk, is far from it. The jasmine, peach, rose, and amber blend is rich, warm, and sweet (but not cloying). It’s a traditional, but with a twist—like so many of the characters James plays. In honor of the news, we quizzed James about her favorite scent memory and what she imagines some of her past costars would smell like. Props to any Downton fan who can you guess which character is "rich wine and shoe polish."

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