Famous British singer Elton John is seriously engaged in the writing of a will.

But their children, five-year and two-year Zacharias Elijah as the principal inheritors, he does not see in the document. The boys themselves have to learn how to earn a living and to appreciate the work that gets the money. Elton John said about this to foreign media.
"Of course, my husband David and I ensure some financial support for the children, but give them a silver spoon - means personally destroy their lives... I am from a simple working family. I myself have earned all that I have today. The boys have to earn their money themselves", - Elton John said.
At the same time singer said that a large sum of his capital, he plans to give to charity, and for children leave only the minimum at which they would not feel offended.
Elton John property is estimated at about $280 million.

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