More than a year actress Shannen Doherty is trying to cope with a disease that over the past few years “has spread all over the world and daily takes the lives of thousands of people.

At the moment, the star of the TV series “Charmed” is undergoing chemotherapy, which is not very easy. For this phase of treatment Shannen even shorn hair (as is known, during chemotherapy hair fall out by themselves and it looks extremely scary).

Treatment not forget Doherty and the trial, which it is waging against his Manager, Steven Blatt.

45-year-old actress is confident that Blatt is guilty that her diagnosis she found out so late.

While Shannen demands a response from men, he also decided not to sit back and “revenge“ actress, stating that she had interrupted treatment, and in fact not so sick, reports the mirror.co.uk. Blatt is confident that this gives grounds to demand from Dougherty to testify in court.

The official representative of the actress has reacted to the statement by ex-Manager: “Shannen just trying to lead a normal lifestyle despite your condition. But this does not mean that it feels good!“

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