The star of “Harry Potter” Rupert Grint will play a major role in the series belonging to Sony’s streaming service Crackle “Big score” based on the cult film from guy Ritchie with the participation of Jason Statham and brad pitt. Grint will also act as Executive producer.

In the drama, ordered to production, bypassing the pilot stage, on a regular role approved Dougray Scott (“Hemlock grove”), and on repeating – ed Westwick (“Wicked city”). The Director’s chair is Nicholas Renton (“Musketeers”).

The series, which first began to Crackle at the presentation, preserving the spirit of the original film, but will introduce a new world and characters. In “Big Kush”, based on a true story that took place in London, the center of attention is the group of twenty pickpockets who happened upon a truck with stolen gold bars. The guys immediately find yourself in a world of organized crime and must quickly learn to navigate the murky waters of criminal London, full of dirty cops, soldiers, Gypsies, international gangsters and the local rags.

Grint will play the role of a dynamic, unpredictable, stunning fraudster Charlie Cavendish. Scott will play Vic hill, who continues to conduct business while behind bars. Westvik got the role of a nightclub owner Sonny Castillo.
Ten serial production of the first season will begin next week in Manchester, England. The series premiere will be held in 2017.

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