Actress and singer Natalia Oreiro (Natalia Oreiro) again was a pleasant surprise for fans. Together with her sister Adriana, the star introduced a new fashion collection devoted to Greece, and at the same time made a Frank admission.

Today Natalia is not only in films and TV shows and gives concerts, but also produces a sister joint clothing line Las Oreiro.

Oreiro relationship with fashion started from childhood. Her mother sewed clothing, embroidered: “Mama came to us as a great inspiration. When adriana was 16 and I was 12, we went to the courses of cutting and sewing. Thus, we began to sew her own clothes. I still remember their first works,” – says the artist.

Now Natalia prefers to work on the collection with her sister. “We do, listening to each other. Most of the attention give line of shirts and jeans in our collection is that used by most women every day. The aim of our collection is to unite the generations. Select the name of the new collection is associated with the architecture of Greece. I was fascinated by this wonderful country, when with a concert in 2001, and my sister fell in love with the island, streets, landscapes and fruit; it is a style of freshness and naturalness. This inspired us to develop a new collection of clothes with such colors, like pure white and off white color, dark blue, light blue, Nude, pink, military, black and classic red.

Natalia also spoke about family life, raising a young son and beloved husband: “Ricardo is my life. We have 15 years of waking up together every morning. I’m in love, this is a very kind and understanding person, a wonderful father. He gives advice in everything, mostly in music. But it’s wishes, and not imposed opinion. Atahualpa and inspiring. We don’t want any more. We always talked about only one child at this set point.

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