Uh-oh! Kanye West is in under fire after he announced his Yeezy Season 4 casting call for “multiracial women only” on Twitter on Sept. 3. A few fans think his new request is racist and totally blasted him for it! See the angry tweets here!

Yikes! The people are not happy! “If you’re a fan & you can’t recognize when your fave is problematic, thats an issue. Ye’s model casting is that. Let’s not act otherwise,” one fan tweeted in response to Kanye’s, 39, casting announcement. Another pointed out why asking for “multiracial women only” was problematic. “We know ‘multiracial’ in this context means ‘ethnically ambiguous’ & ‘exotic’ regardless of your actual background,” another fan added. Some people even brought his daughter, North West, 3, whom is multiracial also, into the conversation! “Casting multiracial women only for Yeezy season 4 might be counterintuitive but, Ye’s daughter is multiracial,” the fan tweeted. Geez!

There were also reportedly protesters who disrupted the casting call on Sept. 4. One female protester in particular, went viral on Twitter after she showed up to the casting with no top on and holding a sign bashing the event. “multiracial = light skin only… you ain’t slick ye,” the poster read. And according to many others on Twitter who attended the event, she was not the only protester. Many others shared their views about the allegedly racist nature of asking for women only of a multiracial background.

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