Great morning news! Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilary again became parents. Yesterday, the couple had another son, to whom have been given a Leonardo angel Charles Baldwin. The good news is already celebrated my mom and dad on their pages in social networks.

“I am happy to introduce you to our son Leonardo Angela Charles Baldwin. The day when our baby into the world will always be special for us” — wrote Hilary under the.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Hilaria became known in March of this year. The couple has two small children – the eldest shared daughter Carmen just turned three, and son Raphael – a little more than a year. The famous parents were surprised to learn that they have to be born another baby. Alec even said in an interview that this child for them will definitely be the last.

The presence of such numbers of children forced spouses to seek shelter for the space. The couple have appealed to real estate agencies and is planning to purchase a penthouse apartment in the North-West side of Manhattan. Approximate cost of new housing would cost the spouses in the 16-17 million dollars.

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