Katie Holmes is unable to remarry because my ex-husband. This information recently circulated by the American tabloid OK!.

The journalists claim that they conducted an investigation and found that Cathy can’t marry her boyfriend, actor Jamie Foxx because of the contract she signed during her divorce from cruise.

 It is reported that Tom now has the right to decide with whom Katie being in a relationship because he is concerned about the future of their only daughter Suri. Like, that’s Tom’s decision and potential stepfather Shit plays a major role.

Journalists are OK! stated that Jamie even called Cruz into the conversation and tried to convince him not to stand in the way of them with the Holmes family happiness and That allegedly agreed.

“After meeting face to face, Tom was convinced of how strong the relationship Katie and Jamie,” says the informant.

At the moment we know that the wedding couples to be held in November. It must be a great, fun, informal celebration without the pomp and formalities.

“They want the wedding was more like a party. This ceremony has become the epitome of taste and creativity Katie,” reports the insider.

The Gossip Cop, specializing in the revelations “sensational” news contacted representatives of all parties. It turned out that the messages about marriage are false, but the truth about the contracts and the participation of Tom cruise in the life of Katie Holmes could not figure out anything.

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