To imagine one of the world's great artists not expressing himself on Instagram is to imagine Donald Trump not expressing himself on Twitter.

Kanye West and Instagram were made for each other. West, the fashion designer and occasional musician, has resisted Instagram for some time. Even though he's been periodically active -- memorably so -- on Twitter. No one alive today will ever forget his Twitter appeal to Apple to hurry up and buy Tidal, for example. West joined Instagram on Sunday with a verified account.

His first photographic oeuvre is a moody (naturally) shot of a vehicle, a building and a dark sky. There's no caption. So, as with all the greatest works of art, the interpretation is up to you. I'll try to help. This isn't a Kanye West photograph. It's a shot from the movie "Total Recall." So what can Kanye be saying?

That's he's just an artistic construction worker trying to get through life? That he's haunted by the world beyond this one? That he has a thing for Arnold Schwarzenegger?Earlier this year, West told his Twitter followers that he was thinking of branching out to Instagram. He added, though: "No one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram... It's my art..." So there it is.

West has already amassed more than 645,000 followers on Instagram. (He's following no one, not even his wife Kim Kardashian.) I feel sure that, with every posting, the world will be attempting to interpret his message. I fear that the main message is: "Hullo, I'm Kanye. Please pay attention to me."

And it works every time.

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