Jason Statham poked fun at Guy Ritchie as he took on the 22 push-ups challenge on social media

The director accepted the nomination from Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam on Monday (19Sep16), when the actor challenged Ritchie to do 22 of the exercises for 22 days to raise awareness for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It is reported that on average, 22 U.S. veteran serviceman commit suicide daily, so each push-up is intended to represent a life taken.

Ritchie nominated Statham on Monday, after doing the first round of his push-ups on a private jet, 22,000 feet in the air.

And the 49-year-old action star didn't mince his words when he accepted the challenge. "Mr Guy Ritchie, nothing worse than waking up to your whiny voice in the morning. I accept your 22 push-up challenge," Jason said in the Instagram video.

And taking aim at his Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director, he joked, "Next time you do yours, make sure they're not in the dark, so we can see if you're actually doing them or not."

Ritchie continued the playful banter with Statham on Tuesday (20Sep16), and roped pal David Beckham into the challenge.

However, Statham returned to Instagram on Wednesday taking another dig at Ritchie, who he claimed hadn't done the required 22 push-ups.

"I'm not sure if that's down to exhaustion or the fact you just cant count, so as a pal I've decided to donate your missing push-ups to you," Jason joked in the clip.

The actor then proceeded to easily perform 25 push-ups, telling Guy the extra three "were the ones you conveniently forgot to do."

Meanwhile, David Beckham accepted Ritchie's nomination on Wednesday, and blasted his rivals out of the water with his push-ups on an aeroplane.

He addressed the camera directly in the video posted on Instagram while laying on his stomach in the aisle of the aircraft. After easily knocking out the exercises, the former soccer player cheekily told the camera, "And by the way, that was at 44,000 feet Mr Ritchie," a reference to the director doing his first challenge on a plane at a mere 22,000 feet.

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