Parting Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney turned something in the consciousness of the singer.

Earlier, after the engagement with her lover, the singer postponed the wedding, waiting for the perfect day. But parting with Kinney Gaga more seriously came to the idea of starting a family,  and even wanted to become a mother.

According to an insider, who spoke with the magazine OK !, breakup with Taylor was for Stephanie (now the actress’s name) a very large impact, which still makes itself felt in her heart. Because it no longer intends not to waste your time creating relationships,

which in any case does not lead to anything good. The informant said that their strength and energy is ready to spend for one person, whom may be her child. You understand correctly – Lady Gaga wants to become a single mother. “This is contrary to the proper concept of family, which was laid in her parents – strict Catholics, however, she does not want to communicate with someone who requires it so much time”,

– added the insider. Despite the fact that the news of the imminent motherhood could well be true. Especially considering all the eccentricity of Lady Gaga, the site Gossip Cop, specializing in the revelations of dubious news, he says that’s not true.

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