Judicial protection of the journalist of Ukraine took Kim after Vitali last Wednesday at fashion Week in Paris tried to kiss her buttocks.

Seduce immediately overpowered the guards, and Kim got very angry as the portal TMZ, the star is going to file the claim with the requirement to render a verdict on the restraining order against the reporter, and also write a statement to the Paris police. According to the sources, Kim thinks that, Seduc will not stop until you pay for it.

This is not the first controversial assault of the reporter (which is notorious for attacking stars on Kim in September 2014, also at fashion Week in Paris, he tried to knock down a Kardashian to the ground, but was saved by the guards. Court Seduce has also been filed in June 2014, he was sentenced by a us court to three years probation for assaulting brad pitt, whom the reporter tried to kiss her.

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