According to TASS, Zvezda did it immediately hasty arrival in new York. From France together with her mother returned Krim Jenner and her boyfriend Corey gamble. In the air port my spouse was waiting for Kanye West.

After arriving in the American metropolis Kardashian and her family refused to communicate with the press. Security of 20 people and at least two police patrol accompanied a group of celebrities.

All this motley company has mobilized a dozen SUVs that stop on the road led to the overlapping of all movements. It is noteworthy that while Kardashian was Pascal Duve – personal bodyguard that was supposed to be a model in the night of the attack on the hotel room. TV star nakone departure from Paris met with the investigators, who stressed the involvement of all forces to solve the crime and the detection of the robbers.

As he wrote, “Russian conversation”, the amount stolen from Kardashian reaches 10 million dollars. The American star left the French capital aboard a private plane right after the incident.

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