If you're one of the few people to become very successful at a young age, what do you do with your earnings?

Invest it? Spend it? Or... well, just leave it?

There are conflicting reports about how much money Daniel Radcliffe is worth, but some articles last year were suggesting the Harry Potter actor has around £60 million in savings. In an interview with him last week, the Belfast Telegraph reported £74 million, citing "various rich lists." Whichever way you look at it, he's pretty well off. And from the sounds of it, he doesn't have plans to spend his earnings anytime soon.

"I don't really do anything with my money," Radcliffe told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I'm very grateful for it, because having money basically means you don't have to worry about it, which is a very lovely freedom to have.

"It also gives me immense freedom, career-wise."

From the sounds of it, Radcliffe is essentially keeping his money as a buffer-zone in order to give himself as much creative freedom as possible when it comes to choosing acting projects. In the years since Harry Potter, his career certainly reflects this: Radcliffe has played an FBI agent infiltrating a neo-Nazi gang (Imperium, out recently), a famous poet (Kill Your Darlings), and a farting corpse (Swiss Army Man), to name just a few of his roles.

Radcliffe went on to say his financial security gives him a sense of "responsibility" when he's picking a project.

"For all the people who've followed my career, I want to give them something to be interested in, rather than them just watch me make loads of money on crap films for the rest of my life," he said.

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