Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have reportedly secretly reached a settlement to finalise their divorce.

The pair separated 18 months ago, but it’s now thought they have secretly divorced after reaching an agreement. A source told The Mirror: ‘They reached an agreement some time ago, and neither of them wanted to make a spectacle of this.

‘Instead, they agreed things between themselves and have quietly made the split formal without going through any sort of high profile legal battle.’ The Mirror reports Kate will keep the majority of the money as a large amount of it was earned by her before the marriage, while Jamie will keep certain possessions acquired during their years together.

They reportedly filed for divorce earlier this year after a series of arguments stemming from jealousy and disapproval from each other’s friends.
Kate, 41, has since struck up a relationship with Count Nikolai von Bismarck, 28, who reportedly gave her an engagement ring for after her divorce. A source told The Sun they plan to marry in Greece: ‘They fell in love with Greece after jetting there last month and got the ball rolling by planning the wedding while out there.’

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