The year is nearing completion, so you can sum it up. So, Forbes magazine has not once informed us about who last year earned more than others in different areas.

Now, Vanity Fair magazine has presented the audience with his rating. The publication decided to identify the names of the most influential people in the world.

The first ten were traditionally given to business people, mediamagnatom, the founder of various popular resources. But there was a place there women more creative profession – singer Beyonce.

Despite the fact that Ms. Carter took 10th place, its merits, all were accounted for and delivered on a par with mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

The full top ten list looks like this:
Jeff Bezos — founder of Amazon;
Mark Zuckerberg — founder of Facebook;
Evan Spiegel — Snapchat founder;
Bob iger CEO of The Walt Disney;
Elon Musk — founder of SpaceX and Tesla and a new fan of amber heard;
Reed Hastings the founder of Netflix;
Travis Kalanick — founder Uber;
Rupert Murdoch — entrepreneur and media Mogul;
Wives Liu and Cheng Wei — founders of the Chinese equivalent of Uber, Didi Chuxing;
Beyonce is a singer.

By the way, the hundred most influential people in the world also turned out to be Taylor swift (18), Jennifer Lawrence (#28), Amy Schumer (35), Adele (47), Chris Pratt (67), Scarlett Johansson (74).

There was no place even for the Kardashian family, however, they settled on the final positions.

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