Recently in the pages ofedition Hollywood Life has a new version of divorce “Brangelina”.

Baseddata on ostensibly reliable insiders, it is reported that Angelina Jolie spun
an affair with Arab millionaire, whom she met during one ofsocial receptions. It is also reported that the new chosen star 50 years, buthis name has edition did not manifest, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the media Angelina told brad pitt about the relationship with her lover on Board the aircraft, which the actor flew into a rage and made a scene. Obviously, just during a quarrel pitt and hit her son Maddox from, after which the actress took all children and filed for divorce.

However, it’s only the speculation of journalists. Before the media also accused brad pitt was cheating on me with French actress Marion Cotillard, however, the indignant French for the day after the scandal erupted has officially stated that it had changed its civil husband, Guillaume Canet. Also, the actress confessed that for the second time.

Recall that brad pitt is a very hard going through a divorce. He said that he would never marry.

The actor first saw their children, which Angelina took immediately after the scandalous the incident on Board the plane. However, together with actor and children were psychologist.

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