Maroon 5 don creature-like costumes in the music video for their latest song.

Out of nowhere, Maroon 5 dropped the Kendrick Lamar-featuring surprise single "Don't Wanna Know," earlier this week. The, on Friday morning (Oct. 14) the pop-rockers shared the music video for the track, in which they transform into Pokémon-like monsters with a taste for booze and women. Oh, and the David Dobkin-directed clip also features cameos from comedian Sarah Silverman, Vince Vaughn and Ed Helms.

After getting chased through the streets by phone-waving gamers and waking up next to two naked women after a raucous house party, Levine's sad-sack monster shuffles around, depressed that he can't find Silverman's orange-hued Poké anywhere. When the video's director yells "cut" and suggests that Levine's look could be enhance by a hat, the singer hesitantly responds, "I don't know if I want to be silly," arguing that it "goes against brand" -- a clear nod to what viewers may be thinking about the silly costumes.

Considering Levine recently became a father, it's plausible his newborn child inspired this kid-friendly look. (Lamar does not appear in the clip.) Check out the video below.

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