The crowd at Desert Trip got a massive surprise Saturday night when Rihanna made an unexpected appearance, joining Paul McCartney onstage to perform their duet, "FourFiveSeconds."

This marks the first time McCartney and Rihanna have performed the duet together since the 2015 Grammy Awards, even though they've both performed it regularly in solo sets since its January 2015 debut.

According to Rolling Stone, the performance came as a total surprise to the famously older audience. McCartney even addressed the running joke surrounding the Desert Trip demographic as Rihanna left the stage after their song.

"We finally found someone under the age of 50," McCartney joked. After the performance, McCartney thanked Rihanna and fellow Desert Trip performer Neil Young on Twitter. You know your life is going pretty good when you can thank Rihanna and Neil Young in a single tweet.

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