Angelina Jolie's former nanny hits the news as she reveals that the actress is vindictive like her mom.

The nanny slams her for using their children to smear Brad Pitt in the nasty divorce just like what Jolie's mom did against Jon Voight.

Angelina Jolie has been tagged as vindictive just like her own mother as revealed by her former nanny, Krisann Morel. Morel slammed the actress for using her children as weapons against her soon to be ex-husband Brad Pitt.

As reported by Daily Mail, Krisann Morel decided to speak out because she is too concerned about Angelina and Brad's kids and how this nasty divorce is really affecting the well-being of the children.

With this, Angelina Jolie's former nanny thinks and says that Angelina might be using the same approach against Brad Pitt which her mother, Marcheline used against her father Jon Voight in the course of their divorce in 1977.

Morel shared to the publication, "I'm speaking out because I want to send a message to Angelina, who I care about very much. Because that is exactly what your mother did when she was breaking up with your father. And the result was you had a lonely and traumatic childhood. Why would you inflict the same tragedy on your kids? I am worried that Angie is repeating the past - repeating the same mistakes her mother made during her divorce - and I want to get this message across to her before it is too late."

Definitely, no one is really aware of what happened between Ange's mom and dad Jon Voight except, of course, the couple themselves. But whatever it is, it seems like the history is repeating itself and that Angelina Jolie is doing to her kids what she experienced when she was a child.

It is a known fact that divorce is not an easy undertaking but if Jolie will continue to demonize Brad Pitt, then she will end up doing more damage to their children than to anyone else.

According to a report, in the course of their divorce, it is Angelina Jolie who has been utilizing the media to smear Brad Pitt and show to the public that he is an abusive father who can't manage his anger around his kids. If not, who could ever disclose the story about how Brad and their son, Maddox had a heated argument on a plane, most significantly right after she publicized the divorce. The timing seems to be really fitting.

Do you think, Angelina Jolie is treating Brad Pitt the same manner her mother treated her father Jon Voight during their divorce too? And will this divorce end up traumatizing the six children?

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