The actor finally legalized his divorce with his wife. The pair had long talked about the gap and the last four years led to each other the war.

Gere was married to Carey Lowell for 11 years. However, the past four years, the couple constantly fought and tried to figure out who will be the official guardian of her son Homer.

Also, the celebrity couple could not share their condition. If the question of Homer was resolved very quickly, the section 120 million dollars was a serious question. Finally the couple managed to come to a common decision with regards to the property and they divorced, before signing the contract.

Now neither Richard nor Carey has not yet been given an official comment with regards to my breakup. The couple refused to talk about the conditions and details of the agreement. Maybe after a while, the press would still be able to work out the details of the contract between ex-spouses.

Now Gere’s affair with journalist Alejandra Silva. A girl younger than his star of choice for 34 years, but lovers it does not bother. Recently it became known that the couple spends a lot of time together. For example, the paparazzi managed to catch Richard and Alejandro on the beach where they had fun.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that Alena Apina has decided to divorce her husband. The singer said that the gap was not due to infidelity on anyone’s part, just the couple tired of each other, so now live separately.

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