Victoria Beckham is rumoured to be designing a ‘fun, practical, children’s clothing collection’ to add to her fashion label that’s already worth a staggering £15 million.

“Now that Victoria has a family of boys and girls she wants to reflect that in her fashion world and produce a line of clothes for children too,” said an insider, reports Showbiz Spy.

The ex-Spice Girl has apparently been seen sketching designs for the new collection, inspired by her 4-month old daughter, Harper.

“In some of her down time with Harper, Victoria has been jotting down drawings and coming up with ideas for kids clothes that are practical but fun too. David is really excited about the line too and can’t wait to get going on the project,” added the source.

With Beyonce also reportedly planning a mini fashion range, we can’t wait to see the new generation of baby fashionist!

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