Lady Gaga’s out there pimping her new album Joanne, which came out today, so you know what that means? It’s time for round 499 of the Gaga v. Madge bitch battle!

During a radio talk with Zane Lowe on Apple Music Beats 1 (via HuffPo), Lady Gaga’s absolute favorite subject, her being the Maxie to Madonna’s Barbie, came up and bitch didn’t like it all. Gaga looked so strained that I thought her new face was going to pop right off, fly across the table and hit Zane like a rubber pancake hitting the wall.

Zane took us into “here we go again…” territory when he said to Gaga that a lot of the shit she sings about are things that Madge has sung about. Gaga was not having it and she started off by trying to knock the rhinestone-encrusted dentures out of Madge’s mouth by calling Madge a “nice lady” (which is the sugar-coated code for “old hag“) and spewed out words about how she is a flawed and multi-talented artiste!

aga is right! Sure, Gaga sometimes takes Madge’s old songs and rewrites the lyrics and changes a few notes here and there, but she’s the one holding the pen, thankyouverymuch. And sure, Gaga probably spent months calculating her next move and meticulously putting together her newest “persona” before running it through focus groups, but I will not argue with a professional artiste about the definition of “spontaneity.”

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