Justin Bieber walked off stage during his final concert of three in Manchester on Sunday night, apparently as a protest against fans' incessant screaming.

The 22-year-old stopped performing and left the stage after asking fans not to scream and dropping his microphone around 10pm on Sunday, according to social media updates from people attending the show.

He came back out shortly after and explained that he didn't feel respected by the fans:

    So the reason why I got upset is because I travelled across the whole world to come here and I dedicated my life to this. I dedicated my life to performing, I dedicate my life to bringing big smiles to people's faces, and I feel like people just aren't giving me the same respect back, and courtesy. That's all.

Bieber went on to explain that "I just thought I could have a moment to say something. I can cut [it] if you want. I'm trying to engage but if you guys don't want to, I'll play the music."

Bieber has long inspired frenzy from his fans: there are two feature-length documentaries dedicated to the teen YouTube star's phenomenal rise and popularity with young girls.

However, this has not been the first time he's been phased by crowd reaction during his Purpose tour. On Thursday, when he also played at Manchester Arena, he asked fans to "try and stay as quiet as possible".

He said: "You can scream as much as you want afterwards but while I'm singing try and stay quiet."

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