17-year-old Lily-rose Depp responded to allegations of excessive thinness and admitted that she previously suffered from anorexia.

The daughter of johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and Vanessa Paradis (Vanessa Paradis), Lily-rose Depp (Lily-Rose Depp), along with popular film roles and a contract with Chanel has got constant attention to yourself and to your appearance. Instagram 17-year-old aspiring actress periodically accused of unhealthy thinness. The criticism of the figure Depp said in a new interview, where he said that previously suffered from anorexia.
“These comments make me very upset, because when I was younger, it was hard for me to cope with this problem. All who have faced this disease, you know how hard it is to return to a normal life,” says the actress.

According to Lily-rose, now she is in harmony with your body. “I try to grow, to be consistent and very proud of their progress.”

She also added that people often forget is that the image that is created in social networks, is different from a real person. “What people see in my instagram, maybe makes them think that they know me well, but it isn’t.”

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