Back in June, Page Six reported that Ashley Olsen was seen with artist George Condo in New York. At the time, Condo insisted it was a business meeting.

Now both Page Six and PEOPLE report that the two were together again this week, with Page Six specifically noting that they were “holding hands and snuggling." George is 59, Ashley is 30. She, Lindsay Lohan, and Lady Gaga were born the same year. It’s always fascinating to me, which celebrities are the same age.

Mary-Kate’s husband is Olivier Sarkozy, 47. They were married last November – remember the bowls of cigarettes that were the main feature of the wedding?  Anyway this morning I got a tweet wondering about this, whether or not it’s a thing that the Olsen twins are attracted to older men, and if it is…why?

Here’s my five minute theory. First of all, there’s the possibility that the men in that older age range may be more likely to have their sh-t together. Olivier Sarkozy and George Condo have established careers. The Olsens are supposedly billionaires. Perhaps there’s more security in that, less risk in exploitation? Mostly though, the more compelling reason is probably privacy.

Few celebrities actually mean it when they say they want privacy. As we’ve seen over and over again, it’s only private when it’s convenient. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, however, for years, have demonstrated that they truly aren’t interested in the spotlight. They don’t pretend to hide and want to be seen. They really don’t want to be seen. Over the last decade, they have actively tried to remove themselves from the public. Let’s say MK and Ashley were to find romance in their age group, call it 25-40. What are the chances in their circles they’d be able to hook up with a dude not interested in living for attention, on and offline, in that age group? Take Orlando Bloom, for example, at 39 years old, on the high end of that range, who’s pulling his dick out on holiday. I’m not sure how MK and Ashley would handle that. I’m not sure they would want to handle that. George Condo, on the other hand, isn’t taking selfies every 5 minutes, you know?

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