JUSTIN Theroux has sent his fans into a frenzy after posting a posting a picture of graffiti — which features an insult aimed at Brad Pitt.

The picture — an image of street artist Nick Flatt’s work — shows a woman sticking up her middle finger in front of numerous rude expressions — including ‘F**k war’, ‘F**k racism’ and rather controversially ‘F**k Brad Pitt’, reports The Sun.

It is unclear whether the actor noticed the slogan about Pitt when he posted the snap with the intention of making a point about the upcoming American election. Justin captioned his picture: “#currentelectionmood.”

But while the 45-year-old could easily have missed the reference to his wife’s former husband, his fans were quick to say he was throwing shade. One person remarked: “F**k Brad Pitt: My thoughts exactly” and another commented: “haha nice Justin! Shade Thrown! OK!” The comments, which he has since deleted, led him to the add a very long hashtag, denying he was throwing shade at anyone because he’s ‘not eleven years old’.

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