At least that was what happened in the case of her "Office Christmas Party" co-star TJ Miller.

"The second I met Jen, she immediately put me in a headlock," the comedian told Entertainment Weekly during EW's PopFest. "And then did a very strange pile-driver move, and my rib cage was broken. So it was sort of an immediate chemistry, I thought."

He seems fully recovered now and holds no ill will at all toward the "Friends" star.

In their upcoming film, the pair play rival siblings. Jen's character, Carol Vanstone, owns a company and is hoping to cancel a Christmas party at the Chicago branch, which is run by TJ's character, Clay. The party, of course, happens, hence the title of the film.

The movie involved 350 extras, who were told to improvise while shooting the party scene. Clips show people swinging from the ceiling and pretending to get hurt. In TJ's case, though, there was no pretending -- there was real pain at the hands of Jennifer... literally.

But the funny actor has a thing for pain, unfortunately for him.

In 2014, he dished to Conan O'Brien about his proposal to his now-wife Kate Gorney at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

"What they don't tell you," he said, "is that when you get down on your knee to propose, just don't do it so quickly. I went down fast, and it really hurt my knee."

He said he proposed beneath a rock inside the museum, meaning his knee came crashing down on a concrete floor.

"I went down fast," he reiterated, "and I went down hard, and it hurt so much... You have to hide that because it's a really romantic moment."

That moment clearly hurt so good. His moment with Jen, well, the same can't be said.

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