X-Men star Michael Fassbender has no interest in becoming the next James Bond and believes the role should go to a woman.

The Irish actor is one of a handful of actors whose name has been linked to 007 in recent months as Bond buffs await to hear if Daniel Craig will return for one more adventure as the superspy. But he has taken himself out of the race, telling GQ magazine he doesn’t want the job of having to try to step into Craig’s shoes after the successes of the last two Bond films, Spectre and Skyfall.

Instead, he thinks it’s high time a woman took over and became Jane Bond.
“As an acting role, I think Daniel has done such a cracking job in this age group,” the 39-year-old tells the publication. “I think the franchise needs something new.”
And it’s clear 007 fan Fassbender has been doing quite a bit of thinking about where the 007 franchise should go next: “What about we start the film back in Sandhurst, Army training rather than on a yacht, or he’s in the Middle East on an op and gets thrown in the brig for insubordination? He’s going to get court-martialled…

“I just love Bond. Doesn’t everyone? I grew up with him… It’s always a fun conversation to have. But Bond should be someone in their early 20s… I always thought Bond should be British, but let’s get an American in or maybe someone like Jack O’Connell would be good?
“Or even better, how about Jane Bond? A woman. One thing is for sure, it won’t be anyone on the bookies’ lists. It never is.”
Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Poldark’s Aidan Turner, and Welsh actor Luke Evans have also been tipped as Daniel Craig’s successor, while the current Bond has reportedly been offered a fortune to return as 007 for one more film.

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