Kendall Jenner celebrated her birthday Wednesday night (November 2) as any famous 21-year-old might: The reality star wore a Swarovski crystal-encrusted silver dress to her lavish, two-location party where she was surrounded by her closest friends, family and paparazzi.

Oh, and a total stranger casually gifted her a Rolls-Royce at some point in the evening.

Sister Khloe Kardashian stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new denim line Good American when she launched into the story about how a man appeared outside the party to wordlessly hand Kendall the keys to a new car.

“My mom was like, ‘Come on Kourt and Khloe,’ and then we go outside and there’s a Rolls-Royce and this man standing there,” she said. “And I was like, ‘What’s the gift, the guy or the car?’ I was so confused. And then this guy just hands Kendall a pair of keys to this car and I was like, do we even know who this guy is? He’s some prince.”

Khloe continued, noting her own 21st birthday was a bit more low key.

“I was like, is this a joke? On my 21st birthday I think I got, like, a dinner and a purse or something,” she said. “I didn’t know you just get cars from strangers.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star asked Kendall about the luxe gift the next morning, but the supermodel had no recollection of the incident — for obvious reasons.

“This morning I was like, ‘Holy crap, do you remember, that was so cool you got this car — how’d you get it home?'” Khloe continued. “She was so drunk on her 21st birthday. I’m sure my mom took it.”

Finally, Khloe echoed a sentiment undoubtedly shared by the majority of viewers listening to such an unbelievable story, saying, “I really felt like it was something totally made up because I’ve never seen something like that before.”

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