In what feels a little bit like a filled-out celebrity-themed Mad Libs game, headlines touted this weekend that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted “packing on the P.D.A.” in the Netherlands at a pre–European Music Awards Kings of Leon concert.

Turner is best known as Sansa Stark, older sister of Arya and Bran and vanquisher of Ramsay, on Game of Thrones. Joe Jonas is . . . the middle Jonas brother, currently fronting the Maroon 5-lite band DNCE. The somewhat unexpected pairing seems to be a recent development. The duo spent Halloween together, as they can be seen in the below Instagram shot together, as the two are situated side by side in this group shot, a telltale sign that something is up.

The couple then attended a Kings of Leon concert together in Rotterdam on Saturday. Want to know what Joe’s arm was doing during the show, and what beverages they enjoyed? Well, you are in luck!

“Joe and Sophie arrived together before the show started,” a fellow concertgoer, who goes by the name Millie Janssen, told Us Weekly. “He had his arm around her as they walked in, and then he was holding her before the show. Joe and Sophie kissed a few times and were talking and drinking soda.”

Or are you more interested to hear whether or not Turner was “smiley”? If so, a concertgoer named Anne Charlotte, who spoke to People, has the following pertinent information for you.

“They were really close together,” Charlotte said. “I didn’t look very often because I was seated more in front of the room. The two or three times I was watching they were kissing. She was all smiley and he looked really sweet.”

So, does this mean Jonas—most recently linked to ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid—and Turner are an item? In a pretty . . . cold “source” testimonial, an unnamed person told People, “[Sophie] has had a crush on Joe for a while, but Joe isn’t going to be a one-woman guy right now.” Hmm! Well, he can’t be any worse than Ramsay/Joffrey/Tyrion/Other Bad Game of Thrones Character We May Be Forgetting, right?

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