If you love yourself, you will spend $500,000 for you and nine of your closest friends to spend New Year's Eve with Justin Bieber.

The deluxe package for his NYE show in Miami may be pricy, but it is certainly the correct choice. You'll be sorry if you pass this opportunity up.
Fontainebleau Miami Beach offers guests who go for the ultimate Bieber experience the amenities to ensure your Bieber quest is pure bliss.
You and your pals will spend five nights at the resort throwing back $6,500 bottles of champagne, relaxing in your fully stocked poolside cabana, shopping for diamonds and taking rides in the variety of luxury vehicles at your disposal.
Is your friend from college, Kevin, going to offer you a spin in his Lambo? No. Don't go to Kevin's New Year's Eve party. Hang out with Bieber instead.
The package includes a stage front table at Bieber's poolside concert, so if he happens to stroll off stage mid-show, you can just take a dip instead.
After Bieber's set, enjoy a private escort to Skrillex and Marshmello's club appearances, where you will have access to the DJ booth. There are yachts involved, which you probably already assumed since you're paying half a million dollars on New Year's Eve.
It is not specified whether or not Todd Bieber cuddles are included in the package, however, so this might be a bad deal after all.

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