Hillary Clinton had the support of far more celebrities than Donald Trump did during the race for the White House.

Many famous faces, including Miley Cyrus and Whoopi Goldberg said or hinted they would even move to Canada if Mr Trump won the election.

As Donald Trump won the election, many celebrities have tweeted their frustration and worry that he is the next president.

Lady Gaga turned to prayer
Lindsay Lohan wants a recount
Katy Perry appears to be planning a revolution
Ariana Grande was in tears
Nigella Lawson has blamed racism
Chris Evans finds the whole thing 'embarrassing'
Seth MacFarlane cannot visualise a Trump presidency
Canada could be an option for Brittany Snow
Lily Allen thinks we will all soon be learning Russian
Rashida Jones pointed out Donald Trump was endorsed by the KKK
James Corden has "Brexit feelings"
Lily Allen thinks Canada should build a wall
Khloe Kardashian was worried
Zach Braff compared it to Brexit
Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar is afraid
Cher is really, really upset
Writer and director Sam Esmail decided he hates twist endings
This is a combination many of the celebrities would probably rather have voted for
Rose Mcgowan thinks the vote was rooted in misogyny
Sarah Silverman thinks this is a win for Putin
Ben Stiller seems to hope it was a weird dream
And J K Rowling is about to be disappointed

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