A Brad Pitt denied joint custody court ruling could be a devastating setback for the Hollywood superstar in the divorce with Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt, who is going separate ways with estranged wife Angelina Jolie, has sought joint physical custody of the six kids between them. The actor is seeking the help of the court for custody rights, a move that challenges Angelina’s earlier application on custody of their children.

In her petition to terminate the marriage with Pitt, Angelina sought exclusive physical custody of their six children as she pushed for a Brad Pitt denied joint custody court verdict in the divorce petition. If Angelina gets her way in the custody matter, Pitt would only have visitation access to the children, but the actor wants more access to his kids.

Plane altercation could strengthen case for Brad Pitt denied joint custody

The six kids, whose custody Pitt and Angelina are fighting over, are twins Knox and Vivienne, 8; Shiloh, 10; Zahara, 11; Pax, 12; and Maddox, 15, ABC reports.

Angelina filed to terminate marriage with Pitt in September. The move came after Pitt reportedly had an altercation with one or several of his kids while flying on a private jet from France to the U.S. However, it is not clear who exactly Pitt had a conflict with during the flight and nature and the cause of the dispute. Nevertheless, some sources have hinted that Pitt had a verbal exchange with his eldest son Maddox.

Neither Pitt nor Angelina has talked about the plane dispute publicly, but some sources close to Pitt said the allegations made against the actor over the altercation are either exaggerated or fabricated.

However, if Angelina’s divorce petition is based on the plane conflict, Brad Pitt denied joint custody could be a reality. That is because it would be difficult for the actor to convince the judges that the kids would be safe in his hands.

Brad is reportedly being investigated on matters related to child abuse, which is seen to be linked to the plane confrontation with his kids.

Other than the plane altercation, some sources have further claimed that Angelina’s trigger to seek divorce from Pitt was that she discovered the Hollywood superstar was cheating on her with actress Marion Cotillard, The Sun reported.

Going separate ways after two years of legal marriage

Pitt, 52, and Angelina, 41, have been together since mid-2000. Though Pitt and Angelina stayed together for years, they only got legally married in 2014. Therefore, the relationship is crumbling only two years after the duo wed.

Pitt and Angelina worked together in a comedy film called Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina’s divorce filing led Pitt to cancel his red carpet Voyage of Times appearance. He explained that he didn’t want to distract attention away from the important film, reported Digital Spy.

Pitt and Angelina are going separate ways because of irreconcilable differences. But neither Pitt’s nor Angelina’s filings mention who would take care of child or spousal support. In her divorce petition, Angelina clearly listed her demands. She asked for joint legal but sole physical custody of their children. Angelina further listed assets that she wanted awarded to her. Though Brad has also said he wants joint physical custody of the children, he doesn’t yet lay claim to any asset.

The separating couple is reportedly worth more than $300 million.

Sources close to Angelina say the reason she filed for exclusive physical custody of the children was that she wanted to ensure their safety. If that’s the case, Angelina would want the court to issue a Brad Pitt denied joint custody verdict. For now, Pitt and Angelia have a temporary custody deal worked out with the help of the Department of Children.

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