Gwyneth Paltrow has made it her mission to create both organic make-up and skincare products - and now the lifestyle guru is tackling fragrance.

The 44-year-old Goop founder has launched the brand's first scent, which is inspired by winter and free of any artificial ingredients. Edition 01 is slated to be the first in a series of fragrances inspired by the four seasons, and the $165 perfume is debuting just in time for the holidays.

'Fragrance which I've used up to this point is actually really at best not transparent at all and at worst very toxic,' Gwyneth told Elle.com, explaining that some contain 'endocrine-disrupting chemicals' that could wreak havoc on your hormones.  

Gwyneth, who was once the face of a series of fragrances by Hugo Boss, said that the she worked with nose Douglas Little to create a blend of cypress, frankincense, labandum, vanilla, clove leaf, juniper, and styrax tree bark.

Although she has yet to dish about what the other fragrances will smell like, Gwyneth noted that she is not a fan of 'heavily citrusy' scents despite their popularity.

The mother-of-two hopes her 'sophisticated' debut scent will invoke the feeling of sitting by a fire and, when asked why she started with the coldest season of them all, she had a very sentimental reason.  

'I like the coziness of winter, and the family time that comes with it,' she said. 'Everyone is inside and together and curled up on sofas reading.'

Gwyneth, who is a fan of natural remedies, called the scent 'wholistic', explaining that the barks and herbs featured in the fragrance 'all have, from the mystical point of view, healing properties'.

And because Gwyneth lights candles in her home every day 'an hour before sunset' as part of her evening ritual, her new fragrance collection also includes a $72 Edition 01 candle.

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