For several years Lindsay Lohan ruining his life. The Hollywood star, who once enjoyed great popularity and was in demand as an actress, now on the pages of the tabloids began to appear because of his scandalous behavior.

Lohan with no one able to cope. Even her staff that Lindsay was attracted to somehow be rehabilitated in the eyes of the public, not able to do it.

In the press leaked information that former PR man Lohan hunter Frederick refused to cooperate with it, because Lohan went off the rails and no one and nothing is able to stop her: “no One knows what will come to mind Lindsay next time. Today she is in good spirits and wants to get on with my life, and tomorrow you don’t know what else to do, so she was happy.”

Recall that even this year she managed to scandalously break up with fiancé Greg Tarasovym, accusing him of beatings, curse fans on opening his own nightclub in Greece to lead in Moscow, almost tearing the transfer of Andrei Malakhov, and, in addition, to be on the verge of bankruptcy due to non-payment of rent.

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