73-year-old actor Robert De Niro belongs to the highest category of Hollywood celebrities. Any film featuring this star was destined for success.

The same applies to advertising campaigns in which it is removed.

Today it was announced that De Niro has signed a contract with the Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna to participate in advertising their products.

Robert will have to advertise luxury men’s clothing, shoes, perfumes.

Spring in Los Angeles will be filmed a video and made a series of photographs which Robert de Niro will advertise the brand. Colleague Robert on this project will be the actor McCall Lombardi. To imagine celebrities are clothes for the most refined, most elegant, and most successful men.

Recall, 22 November will be held the ceremony of awarding the medal of Freedom – the highest state award of the United States, which is awarded to civilians.

Among those who this year will receive the medal of Freedom are the founder of Microsoft, the richest man in the world bill gates and his wife Melinda, Hollywood stars Tom Hanks, Robert de Niro and Robert Redford, rock musician Bruce Springsteen and singer Diana Ross, TV presenter Ellen de Generes, basketball player Michael Jordan.

Says still the current President of the United States Barack Obama, “Presidential medal of Freedom is not only our highest award. This is evidence that each of us, regardless of origin, has the ability to change this country for the better. From scientists, philanthropists, and public figures to athletes and artists, all 21 people on this list helped to move America forward, serving as an inspiration to millions of people around the world.”

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